Service & Prices

Service Payments & Subscriptions

Welcome to Collywood TV.  You will find Collywood Pan African TV very different, easy to use and  very entertaining. We have 2 services for you to enjoy.

1. Monthly Subscription for Collywood TV    

2. Pay Per View for Movies    


Our monthly subscription service costs just £1 per month to watch unlimited TV on Collywood TV… it does not matter where you are in the world your currency will be converted to the equivalent value of £1, In order to find out how much your  currency will be  converted.

Pay Per View

Customers who prefer to watch a selected movie or programs costing £1 per movie in our Pay Per View section, the prices are displayed on each movie when you click it. It’s easy, just click on the movie you wish to watch and follow the secure Pay Pal payment instructions.  After your payment have been approved, you will be sent a unique password code, just enter this where it says enter password on the movie ticket box on the front of the movie you wish to watch ,  you can start viewing right away or if you don’t wish to watch it right away you can save the details and watch it when you want, no problem.